Meet some of our dishes

We serve a varied menu of fish and meat.We serve a varied menu of fish and meat.

Considered as the bulwark of gastronomy of the Region of Viriato


  • Broth … changes every day
  • Chicken soup


  • Black pudding and fried chouriça
  • Cheese shepherd and ham
  • Basket of assorted bread


  • Rotten codfish in the Cellar
  • Codfish in Bread
  • Codfish in olive oil
  • Fried octopus like butter
  • Octopus in olive oil


  • Beans with porc meat Rojões with black pudding as they do in the villages
  • Secrets in olive oil
  • Roasted lamb
  • Miminhos to John Baker
  • Duck rice made like the old times
  • Veal with sauce
  • Veal in the oven
  • Roasted black pudding with greens
  • Typical rice of Carqueija


  • Various Salads
  • Tofu Spit or Seitan
  • Tofu à Brás

Indulge yourself with the Beirão flavors

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